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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dessert Hut 甜品小屋 @ People's Park Centre

After having a hearty meal at Spring Court restaurant, we took a slow walk over to People's Park Centre.  We had dessert at "Dessert Hut 甜品小屋".  This place seemed to be very popular and had expanded to the shopfront opposite as well.  Despite the expanded space, it was still difficult to find a seat as almost all the tables were occupied at 3pm on a weekend.  On the other hand, "Tong Shui" cafe, also selling dessert, was rather empty.  I am not sure why.  Pricing?  Taste?
 Hubby ordered yam with black glutinous rice, something that I would like to have if I were not so full.  Although what was served looked very different from that in the menu, it tasted quite good still. 
 Brother and I both ordered Egg Beancurd with Mango.
 Dad ordered Mango Sago but he put aside all the shaved ice onto another plate.  Mum ordered chendol and she was all thumbs up for that.
This mid-autumn festival's centerpiece looks quite weird right?  A hybrid of grape and chilli? 

Dessert Hut 甜品小屋
People's Park Centre
#02-48/ 58

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