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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mothers' Day Celebration at Jing Long 金隆 @ Bedok North

My aunt had made a reservation for 2 tables of 10 at Jing Long 金隆 Seafood Restaurant at Bedok North to celebrate Mothers' Day in advance.  I guess many others who were in the restaurant were also celebrating Mothers' Day.  It was extremely crowded and we waited quite a while before our food was served.
We ordered the Daily Set meal for 10 pax at $338+ for both tables.  No service charge and there is free flow of tea and soft drink.  Food was generally good for the night which regained our confidence in them.  Our previous experience here was not that good and we thought their standard has dropped.

Jing Long triple combination

Scallops Seafood and shark's fin

Supposed to be "Mei Cai" steamed Red grouper but instead of the pickled vegetables, aunt changed it to "Chai Po"  The fish was really fresh and we all had our thumbs up for this dish.

Taiwan style pork
The presentation sort of "wowed" us but however, it looks better than the taste.  The meat was rather tough in this case.  I am not too sure how Taiwan braised pork should be like (Do they mean the usual "dongbo" meat?) but I thought generally, the meat should braised for hours and even the fats can melt in your mouth type.  Thus, this dish was quite a disappointment.
Topped with macademia nuts, my aunt tried to cheat us by saying those were garlic.  Haha....
Using a pair of scissors to cut through the tough meat was not easy.

Season of green w/ scallop

Mongolia sauce chicken w/ Yam ring

Fried egg noodles w/ seafood
Deep fried prawns in oats
Personally, I don't quite like this dish also.  Normally, I like to scoop the crispy and tasty oats to eat but for this one, there were a lot of broken fried feelers of the prawns within the oats.
Look at the happy smile on my cousin's face... 'cos he got another 5 bowls of noodles to finish!  My aunt's expression was hilarious!!  Hahaha......  
Ended the meal with this simple dessert:  杨枝甘香露
Mango cream w/ pomelo
However, we didn't see any pomelo fresh in it so we were not sure whether there was pomelo added in it.
Me and youngest cousin 

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant is very popular, especially with the older folks in Bedok area.  It is highly recommended that you make an advanced reservation.

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆
Blk 412, Bedok North Ave 2,
Singapore 460412

For reservation, call: 6442 9398

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FoodieFC said...

this is real value for money! 338+ only with so many dishes and you even had shark fin's soup, steamed fish and scallop1