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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Beauty of Thai Look Choob

I had just signed up for a hands-on session with People's Association (onePA) to learn how to make the beautiful fruit-shaped or vegetable-shaped Thai dessert made of green bean paste.  So looking forward to the workshop tomorrow and I will share more about it after attending the workshop!  :D  
Have a Nice Weekend Everyone!!  Yay!!

Updated on 13 May 2012:  I had attended the workshop and it was fun!  It was like an art and craft workshop too because we also learnt how to shape 11 different fruits/ veggie with the green bean paste and also added colouring to them.  I had not attended cooking classes from PA since 2008.  With the advancement in technology, almost all the participants who attended the workshop were equipped with cameras or handphones to take photos or even video-record the teacher's demonstration.  The teacher didn't seem to mind and at the start of the lesson, she wanted us to take photo of the beautiful look choob that she had prepared in advance - shown in my opening photo for this post.  Very beautiful right?

Ingredients for making the look choob.

 Our teacher

 Each table will get a tray of colourings and paintbrushes.  Seem like an Art lesson right?
 Done by teacher.  We have hands-on session after each demonstration.
 After we had "painted" our look choob, the teacher helped us to dip them into the heated agar agar.  This step is important as it will add a gloss the the texture.
 This was done by moi.
 Our work table.
 Brought my creation back home to share with hubby. :)


FoodieFC said...

It has been a very long time since I ate this! Seeing this post reminds me I should find this and eat it some day!!

Miso said...

I have not seen people selling this in S'pore... probably can find in Golden Mile