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Friday, May 18, 2012

Shin Yeh (欣葉) @ Liang Court

Our first visit to Shin Yeh, a Taiwanese restaurant under the Tung Lok Group. I had purchased 2 vouchers from Groupon at $15 each for a value of $30.  I made a reservation for two at 8pm.  We reached there early, at around 7.20pm and decided to try our luck, hoping there was a table for us.
Setting of the table
Pickled zucchini
 We ordered a pot of Eight Treasure Tea ($12).  The staff were quite attentive and they would refill our cup with tea regularly.
Pan-fried Pig’s Liver with Coriander 煎猪肝
Large portion of Liver!  This was really delicious!  Must try!
 Sweet Potato Porridge ($1.50)
Poached Savour Duck in Boullion
Pan-fried Turnip Cake 正宗菜脯蛋
Not too sure how many eggs were used but it was fluffy with the saltish crunchy dried turnips, perfect with a bowl of plain porridge.  Again, the portion was quite big for two person.
 Complimentary Mochi
 Total bill was around $80+.  With the Groupon coupon, we topped up another $20+.  So on average, it was $25+ per person.

Something to note:  The restaurant is located directly above a pub.  At around 9pm, you will start feeling the slight "tremor" of the ground which might spoil your dining experience there.  So try to be there early!

Shin Yeh
177 River Valley Road
#02-19 Liang Court S179030
Tel: 63387337

Some interesting balloon sculpture set-up at Liang Court.

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Eileen. 静 said...

hehe..i bought the voucher too.. we went to Zhou's kitchen at Square 2 instead.. on the last day! :P

it was rather crowded coz everyone seems to use the voucher on the last day..haha