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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sunflower Fields @ Saraburi, Thailand

Just came back from a week of holiday in Thailand.  Instead of spending the whole week in Bangkok, we spent 3 full days at Khao Yai.  The blooming seasons for sunflowers normally starts in December till January.  The local tour agency that I booked my tour with suggested to us to visit the sunflower fields at Saraburi as the blooms in those small fields scattered in Khao Yai were not very impressive yet.  We agreed and topped up 300 baht for the driver to make a stop at Saraburi before heading to Khao Yai.  Saraburi is about 2.5 hours drive from Bangkok.  We spent our time snapping photos of the beautiful sunflowers.  This was also my first time visiting a sunflower field so we took tonnes of photos.  Immersing ourselves in the field of sunflowers was really delightful!  =)

A sunflower with cool shades.  =)

These stalks of sunflowers are taller than me! 

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