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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Australia Dairy Company, HK

On the second day of our trip, we passed by this cafe at Jordan.  However, as usual, outside the cafe was a long queue of people.  Told hubby that we would come again during a weekday when it was less crowded.  This was not my first trip to Australia Dairy Company.  Last year, I came on my own and I had sunny-side up with toast as I placed my order wrongly.  This time, I made sure I got to eat their famous scambled egg.  Looking at this photo now, I really miss these eggs.  Can somebody please teach me how to cook nice scrambled eggs? 
We also had macaroni with ham and fried egg.  The soup was quite salty but I loved the egg as well. 
We were sharing a small square table with 2 other guys, typical scenario in a HK Cha Chan Teng.


365days2play said...

Is that what the place is called?? So weird..

Miso said...

Yes... But easy for pple to remember :) It is a very popular cafe in HK.

Anonymous said...

everytime i get reminded of my visit to australia dairy for breakfast i can feel my blood boil. i was highly recommended to go there for the breakfast and was severely let down. i ordered the scrambled eggs with toast and macaroni and one word to describe is HORRIBLE. the macaroni tastes unspectacular like those u buy from the supermarket. the eggs tasted nothing better than the ones u get from a mcdonald's big breakfast. the 2 triangle toasts tastes just like your normal lightly toasted bread. and the worst? the soup that the macaroni was swimming in it. tasted exactly like the soup from the instant noodles made from MSG powder. i kidd u not! i lived in australia for many years and have a huge soft spot for it and i can tell u that this place is nothing australian at all!

if anyone ever recommends this place to u, please avoid it at all costs!

Miso said...

Hi Anon,

So sorry to hear about your bad experience. I agree that the macaroni was really quite bad but maybe my expectation is lower, I actually like their fluffy scrambled eggs.