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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Taste of Taiwan @ Parkway Parade (1 - 14 Jul 2013)

I was very privileged to be invited to Parkway Parade for a food tasting session at the current "Taste of Taiwan" Fair today. Taiwan is one of my favourite countries to visit for holiday because normally, our itinerary revolves around food and in Taiwan, you can find good food EVERYWHERE, especially street food.  Last year end, my hubby and I really had a very good year-end holiday in Taiwan, conquering lots of yummy street food and their various cuisine throughout our 15-day trip.  You may want to read up my travelogue HERE if you are also planning a trip to Taiwan. 

The event had already commenced on 1 July and will be on-going till next weekend.  I decided to post a photolog first so that hopefully if you happen to drop by my blog now, you may want to consider going to the fair tmr (Sunday) as the programme schedule for weekends is quite interesting.
 Do take note of the programme schedule.  One of the highlights is cooking demonstration by the very friendly and humorous Taiwan Masterchef Ho Tien Tsai.  No idea who this chef is?  Watch this random short clip of him here (Disclaimer:  I am not helping Chan Brother to promote their tour):

Do catch him in action at the food fair during the weekend at 3.15pm and get a few cooking tips from him!

I also saw some photos of the puppet show on my Instagram feed and the reviews were very good.  Do check them out as well!  Ooohhh!  Next weekend, there is also Kite-Making Session, think it will be great fun for a family bonding session too!
What are some of the savoury food that we can expect from this Taiwan Food Fair?

Let me walk you through....... First, we have the all-time popular street food - Taiwan Sausage!   
Other than the normal Taiwan sausage, they do sell other varieties such as bacon-wrapped sausage, spicy (mala) sausage, vienna pork sausage etc.

Next, we also tried the Braised Pork Rice ( 滷肉飯/ Lurou Fan ) from this stall.  I know, the photos here don't really look inviting and thus, we just asked for a small portion to sample.  However, to our pleasant surprise, the minced meat with mushroom sauce was full of flavour and balanced well with the moist rice.  This dish actually whet up my appetite to try out more food!

This is only our sample portion.  Trust me, this dish tastes better than it looks.
This kiosk sells "Kong Ba Bao", Taiwan Glutinous Rice and Chee Cheong Fun.
My friend and I both felt that their Chee Cheong Fun was quite nice, firm and chewy.
You can see each layer of the rice flour skin wrapped nicely over one another and of course, the sesame sprinkled on top adds some oomph factor to the dish.

Steamed Buns and Xiao Long Bao

 Before steaming..... the Xiao Long Bao actually looked like this!

We sampled one normal mini meat bun and one Xiao Long Bao.  

Taiwan Smoked Duck Roll

Taiwan Popiah
We tried the popiah and realized they also put in cripsy crackers into the popiah apart from the other commonly used ingredients, making it more crunchy.

I would like to give special mention to this kiosk that is selling Taiwan Seaweed.  At first, I didn't really bother to check out the seaweed here, because I thought it was just 2 lumps of green, unappealing stuff here, what's so special?

However, when the staff came and started to do some cooking demonstration, I made my way there and listened to her, realizing how easy it was to whip up delicious dishes with the seaweed.  I was more convinced after I tasted the sampling portion of course!  The seaweed omelette was really delicious!

Simple condiments/ ingredients to be used together with the seaweed to whip up scrumptious dishes.

Mee Sua

Taiwan Snacks
Master Mi - Rice Crackers Snack originated from Taiwan.
My friend, who was with me for the food tasting session, liked this so much that she bought 6 packets of the prawn rice crackers. (3 packets cost $15).

No oil used to make these rice crackers so I believe they are healthier form of snacks?
This is the machine used to make the rice crackers, very interesting.  The rice-cracker will pop out from the machine loudly.  Watch the short video clip and you will understand what it means...

Taiwan's famous 太陽餅 Sun Cake

Taiwan Home-Made Mochi

Taiwan Pineapple Cake

Black Sesame Paste... The packaging is quite convenient and also very cute.
Health Beverages
Taiwan vinegar is good for health.  
Whenever we go Taiwan, these are some of the "must-buy" items in our shopping list.

Chinese Tea

Some Taiwan fruits are being sold here as well.

Cannot get enough of Taiwan even after going to this fair?

Now, you can stand a chance to win a 4D3N trip to Taipei with a minimum spend of $30* (maximum 2 same day receipts) at any of the participating F&B outlets at Parkway Parade.  Receipts from Basement Atrium Food Fair will receive double chances!  
Register at their Customer Service Centre at Level 1.

Good Luck!!!

Taste of Taiwan
Date:  1 to 14 Jul 2013
Venue:  Parkway Parade Basement Atrium

*  Thanks Tsz In from Lend Lease for this invitation.

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