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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little Sheep 小肥羊@ Mongkok, HK

After catching the movie "X-Men: First Class" at Langham Place, we walked over to "Little Sheep" for our dinner.
Our table number, very auspicious number :)
We ordered their Set Menu for two and "Yuan Yang" hotpot.
Mongolian Crepe
Was quite surprised that it was only a small piece but it was quite nice, with minced mutton inside.
1st tray.  Very nice presentation right?
2nd tray... I began to worry how the two of us going to finish up so much food.
Prawns on skewers
4 different types of meatballs
Beef slices with huge pile of cabbages below.... This one was not so good.  The beef slices were quite thick and tough.
Yam pieces.  Top left:  A tray of Tofu

This was indeed a great feast for both of us.


nateniale said...

Did you both manage to finish the food? I'm planning to go to Hong Kong and would definitely visit your site more often when I'm planning the trip.

Miso said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) We finished everything except for the tray of tofu. That was a wrong choice.