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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bare Your Sole 2014

  "Bare Your Sole" is an annual event organised by Habitat for Humanity Singapore.  People from all walks of life will walk barefoot together to raise money for those in need. For many poor people in developing countries and disaster-stricken places, going barefoot is a daily reality.  This was my first time taking part in "Bare Your Sole" and together with my friend, Pauline, we each walked barefoot for 5km.  Registration fee was $35 and all participant donations will help to defray the costs of running the event and the remainder will go to help Habitat for Humanity in fulfilling its mission.



  After walking for around half an hour, we reached this point whereby we need to decide to continue walking or to turn back.  Since the weather was good and it was still early, we decided to continue to walk to Marine Barrage, which was the 5km route.

 Guess what these 2 kids were looking at?
Eeeek!  Centipede!  
The little girl was so cute, wearing an oversized "Bare Your Sole" T-shirt.

 We reached Marine Barrage and I took the opportunity to take photo with the mascot since we were both in same colours.  
 Pauline and the mascot.




 I got a ice-cream voucher during my collection of the event pack.
 At first, I thought the people were queuing for the ice-cream.  On closer look, the queue was for Quiznos sandwiches and there was no queue for the ice-cream!
 Thus, I quickly went to redeem my complimentary vanilla ice-cream and Pauline bought 2 cups of ice-creams as there was a 1-to-1 promotion for $6.

 Lastly, we decided to have a photo taken at the photobooth.
It was a pleasant and scenic morning walk.  Hope to join again next year!  Maybe I should join them as a volunteer?  Shall see how...

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