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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo @ City Square, Johor Bahru

Last Sunday, together with Pauline and Sam, we went to the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo at City Square, Johor Bahru.  We reached the mall at around 11.30am and headed for lunch at Taang Shifu first before going to the expo.   
 You can catch a glimpse of the Doraemons in between the big blue and yellow ribbons at higher levels of the mall.
 If you want to have a close-up view of the Doraemons, then pay for the ticket to gain entry.  The ticket booth is located just next to McDonalds at Level 1 in the shopping mall.
 Adult ticket is priced at RM 25 (for 13 years & above) and Child ticket (for aged 4 – 12) is priced at RM 15.  Children below 90cm, senior citizens above age 60 and OKU will enjoy free entrance to the Expo.

 Let's go!
 As we entered the expo, we saw this beautiful stage.  We would be up here later to take photos with Doraemon and friends' mascots!
We decided to check out the various Doraemon galleries with props of iconic scenes and characters first before taking photos of the 100 Doraemons with their different gadgets.

Do you know that Doraemon was originally yellow and with ears?
I didn't know about it before this expo.  After the visit, I actually went to google to check out video clip that shows the birth of Doraemon.  I found this:

However, Doraemon's ears got eaten by a robot mouse!
 Upset that his girlfriend laughed at his new look without ears, Doraemon tried to cheer himself up by drinking a special potion.  However, he was so blur and drank the wrong potion.  He drank a sorrow potion that made him cry for 3 days until his colour faded from yellow to blue.
 Thus, this was how we got this blue Doraemon without ears now!
 A mandatory shot with Doraemon first before exploring further.
 Wearing the Future Glasses to see my future!  :D
 Pauline taking a bite of the Memory Bread.
 Let's fly!

 Where will the letter be posted to?
 Why so sad?

I think I took photos of all the 100 individual doraemons but I will not post it here lah!  If you are interested, just check it out on my facebook album.  :)

 Re-entry to the expo is permitted.  The staff will put a Doraemon stamp on your hand as you exit and you just need to show them the stamp as you re-enter.

 Ding-Dang (Bell)!

Doraemon and friends' mascots would appear for photography sessions at every 2-hour interval, from 1pm to 7pm on the Sunday when we were there.  We missed the 1pm slot as we had just finished our lunch around that time and the queue to take photographs with them was already very long.  Thus, we waited for the 3pm slot to take photographs with them!  While Doraemon's friends came up to the stage from the main entrance, Doraemon appeared from the door on the stage.  So cute!!!
  I managed to ask a girl who was queuing behind us to take this photo with my camera.  She was so nice to agree and helped us to take this very nice photo.  In return, I also helped her and her mum to take photo with Doraemon and friends.  Yay!
The Doraemon Expo will run at City Square till 4 January 2015.  Not too sure whether they will come to Singapore after that.  Nevertheless, if you like Doraemon, do come for this expo and experience everything in the expo yourselves.  Hope you will like it!  =)

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