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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 4: Wong Chi Kei Noodle & Congee House 黃枝記, Macau

Our 2nd day at Macau:  We decided to walk over to Ruins of St Paul's from our hotel (Hotel Sofitel) in the morning.  It is not very far as you can see here, from our hotel room's window, we could actually see the building.
 Another nice view from the our hotel room.

The Senado Square

 I had already decided where to have our lunch - Wong Chi Kei Noodle & Congee House.  It is very easy to find this restaurant, just walk straight here along the Senado Square and you should be able to spot Wong Chi Kei quite easily, on the left, opposite McDonald.  We reached here around 11am before the queue started forming.

 I ordered a cup of hot honey lemon to smoothen my throat as I was still having a very bad cough.
This time round, I really wanted to try their shrimp roe noodle.  It was definitely not a wrong order.
蝦子撈麵 "Har Zi Lo Meen"
 I like this better than the one I had at Mak's Noodle.  At Mak's, I need to add a lot of oyster sauce to the noodle as it was quite dry.  Here, I felt that the noodle was done just right and very springy.
 I ordered a bowl of dumpling soup too.  The dumpling was meaty.

 This durian mascot posed for me, so cute!

 The weather was also extremely hot and I was not feeling quite well,  I decided to stay inside this air-conditioned shop - MOD Design Store while my hubby made his way up to the cathedral.  I believe this is a relatively new design shop as it was not here 3 years back when I made my solo trip here.  It is worth going in to take a look at the interesting and creative products that are sold in this store.  You may also consider buying some souvenirs back from here.

 Ruins of St Paul's - The most famous landmark in Macau.
After this, we walked back to our hotel and we visited the Michael Jackson's Museum located within our hotel before catching the ferry back to Hong Kong island.

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