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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sabio by the Sea @ Quayside Isle

Celebrated hubby's birthday at a Spanish Restaruant - Sabio by the Sea at Quayside Isle this year.
A flat gantry admission charge is applicable to each car entering Sentosa.  We paid $7 as we went on a weekend.  Parking lots are available at Quayside Isle at $3.50 per entry.

 Exterior of the restaurant.

 Look at the nice patterns at the backdrop!  The staff told us proudly that they actually nailed the pattern one by one on their own!  Even the tables in the restaurant, the design on the top of the tables were also made by their staff.

We chose the seats next to these wall-mounted ornaments of the heads of horses and one zebra.
 By the way, the staff here were wearing black and white stripes tees.  You might want to avoid wearing stripes when coming to this restaurant.

  We asked for the staff's recommendation on what to order since it was our first time to this restaurant.

Sabio's Sangria
Their signature drink - Sangria.  It is an assortment of fruit stewed in a claret base mixed with soda water and sugar.  I preferred Sangria (Red) which had a refreshing, sweet fruity taste while hubby had Sangria (White).  $10/ glass.
Sea Scallops with Sparkling White Wine Sauce ($16)
 El Cerdo - Herb Marinated Pig Shoulder served with Sauted Potato ($21)
 Paella de Pescado (Shrimps, Sea Bass, Squids, Mussels, Clams)  (For 2 pax - $25)
Both of us were very satisfied with all the dishes that we had ordered.  I would like to come back soon to try out other dishes and also to try out the other restaurants such as Museo at Quayside Isle.

Sabio by the Sea
31 Ocean Way
#01-02 Quayside Isle
Tel: 66907568

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