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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beach Culture @ Watercross, Pasir Ris Park Carpark E

 A little farewell treat for a colleague at Beach Culture at Pasir Ris Park.
Ambience here was good and there are both indoor (air-conditioned) and outdoor seating.  We decided to choose the outdoor area for dining, facing the beach.

I ordered the lychee soda.  They will not provide ice-water but the funny thing is, when I asked for warm water, they were okay.  My friend then jokingly said that since they served warm water, just gave us some ice and we will put the ice into our warm water ourselves.  In the end, they did give us a can full of ice and didn't charge us.  ??? *Puzzled*

 Nacho with cheese and bolognese was nice and addictive.
 Since there were 4 of us, we ordered 2 sets of the grilled meat platter.  The lamb was very salty and we feedback to the staff when she came over to our table to ask us how was the food.  I didn't eat the chicken as I was quite full after eating the lamb, steak and sausage.  Thus, my friend who was sharing the platter with me could take my share.  However, she said the chicken was not really nice too.

 This was supposed to be mango sago pudding  The photo in the menu showed the top of the pudding covered with a thick layer of sago but I didn't find it here.  Thus, I asked the staff about the sago and also,we suspected the few sago that we "found" in this dessert was not cooked properly.  She then took it back to the kitchen to check with the chef but came back telling us that this dessert had all been prepared already and asked us whether we wanted to change to another dessert instead.  Thus, I changed to buttermilk waffle with ice-cream. 
I found the waffles too soggy this time round.  My friends also ordered a brownie with ice-cream for sharing.
Although the food here was just average, but I liked this type of restaurant with a nice outdoor ambience.  The staff were also friendly.  Will be here probably with my hubby next time!  Maybe to try out their chocolate fondue!  :)

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