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Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Hokkaido Fair @ Tampines Mall (29 Jun - 8 Jul 2012)

The annual Hokkaido Fair at Tampines Mall is here again!
I decided to go today morning since I don't have to work!  Hubby and I actually wanted to come last Saturday but the queue for carpark was terrible.  We went elsewhere for lunch instead.

 My first stop:  Ikameshi (Braised Squid Stuffed with Sweet Rice).  I decided to buy one box which  supposedly contains 2 pieces of stuffed squid.  ($7.90)
When I reached home and opened the box, I realized that they gave me 3 pieces instead. :)
 I like this one!  It was not too tough and easy to bite.  You can just eat it with the toothpick.
 Next:  Takoyaki (Octopus Ball)/ Hotateyaki (Scallop Ball)

 I ordered 8 pieces of Hotateyaki (Scallop Ball).
 I will not recommend this one as there was only 1 small bit of scallop inside and it was quite tasteless.  Most of the time, you will find yourself just eating the thick batter.
 I bought 3 pieces of croquettes back - Pumpkin, Carrot and Corn!  They also have black Edamame Bean croquette but I didn't buy that.  If you had tried this, do let me know whether it is nice!
1 piece for $3.50 and 3 for $10.
 I went up to the 2nd level where we can find more cakes and also the very famous Hokkaido Shiroi Koibito cookies.  I was captivated by the nice cake sold at "Bake De Arles".
 Guess what did I buy?
 I bought this cream rare cheese cake for my hubby as he likes cheese and strawberries! Very pretty cake right?  :)  
 I bought also snow roll cake, sesame flavour for myself.
Next to this confectionery, there are tables and chairs too.  You can choose to enjoy your cake at this special cafe at the 2nd level.

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