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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bangkok Day 3 - King Power Complex, MK Steamboat & Platinum Fashion Mall

We started day 3 with a simple breakfast at Gateux House, G floor of MBK.  It is a bakery chain and there were seats for us to enjoy our breakfast in this bakery shop.  I picked a sausage bun and I was really "WOWed" by the excellent service.  After paying for our items, we were told to take a seat first as our bread will be served to use shortly.  Guess what, the staff heated my sausage bun and served it on a plate with fork and knife!  A simple sausage bun had never tasted so good before!  Haha....

After breakfast at MBK, we took a train to Victory Monument Station as I wanted to do some duty-free shopping at King Power Complex.  Upon reaching the complex, you have to do a registration at the counter.  Bring along your passport and you also need to know your flight number and departure details as they will send the items that you purchase to the airport.  You can only "claim" it on the day of your departure at the airport. We were given some discount coupons upon registration. 

King Power Complex
Address: 8 Rangnam Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

It has a dome as part of its exterior structure.
Inside the "Dome", we did our registration at the counters here.
I bought 2 longchamp bags from here, one for work and one for casual. :)

MK Steamboat Restaurant
 After that, we went to the nearby mall (Century Plaza) for our lunch.  We had steamboat at their famous MK restaurant!  Hubby and I love steamboat and seriously we don't mind having our meals at MK restaurant (many franchise around Bangkok) every day!  The food was good and affordable. 

 Table Setting
 Condiments and sauces

We ordered one of their steamboat set.

 Roasted Duck

We took the BTS again to Ratchathewi station.  From there, we took a 10-15 minutes walk to Platinum Mall.

Platinum Fashion Mall
Our last shopping stop for the day:  Platinum Fashion Mall, a popular mall as you can get clothings at wholesale price.
 I bought a few T-shirts and many earrings here.  Surprising, hubby bought more tops than me from the mall.
Note that there are 2 pricing.  When you shop in any shop at Platinum Mall, each item will always come with 2 pricing.  One is the "wholesale" price and the other is the normal retail price.  For the earrings, if you buy more than 5 pairs, each pair will be quoted the "wholesale" (cheaper) price.  For the other shops that sell clothing, normally once you buy at least 2 pieces, you will be given the wholesale price.  As I bought quite a number of item from this shop, other than enjoying wholesale price for all the items, they gave me a further 15% discount and also threw in 2 set of necklace and earrings for me (top left).
I like most of their design of earrings from this shop (not too "bling", they do have "bling bling" ones if you like) and the quality is quite good too.  It is located right at the top level of Platinum Mall.  After all the shopping, we went back to our hotel for a rest before our dinner at "Cabbages and Condoms" Restuarant.


Bern said...

OMG, that's quite the shopping haul u have there. Hahaa! Women and their shopping. The costume jewellery in Bangkok is so much cheaper than the ones at Far East isn't it?

Miso said...

Definitely! Many young blogshop owners in Singapore get their goods from Bangkok.