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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bangkok Day 2 - Watching 4DX movie @ Siam Paragon

After a long day spent at Wat Po and the Grand Palace, we took a tuk-tuk back to MBK. 
 We didn't have a proper lunch at the temples so we went to MBK food court for a few bites.
MBK Foodcourt
Hubby had this mixed pig organs soup.
I had this seafood fried rice but this tasted quite awful.  The rice was too soft and the prawns were not fresh.  Didn't manage to finish this.
See the huge pile of sticky rice?
Yes!  We finally had our first mango sticky rice in Bangkok.  Yum Yum!!
After that, we went back to hotel to rest before shopping at the Siam shopping malls.
Some form of Art Sculpture and installations at Siam shopping area.

Siam Paragon
Loft:  This is really a very interesting 2-storey lifestyle shop with lots of quirky and innovative items.  We had fun browsing through the items.
 We decided to catch a movie here and was pleasantly surprised that the theatre was showing 4DX movie "Prometheus"!!  We only encountered 4D cinemax experience in theme parks but not in movie theatre before.

 We bought a pair of tickets to watch "Prometheus".
 We had ramen again for dinner at this restaurant at Siam Paragon before watching the movie.

In bangkok, before the start of the movie, everyone has to stand and watch a video on their King first as a form of respect.  This is really interesting and of course, it was fun watching a 4DX movie in a cinema.

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Bern said...

Super unbelievably cheap to watch movies in BKK isn't it?