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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bangkok Day 2 - The Grand Palace

After exiting from Wat Pho, we decided to walk over to the Grand Palace.  According to our map, they were just opposite to each other.  However, along the way, we met a conman!!  First, he told us that we were walking in the wrong direction.  After that, he told us that the grand palace was closed as it was the monks' lunch break.  He offered to bring us to another temple at a small charge.  Of course, we didn't buy in.  But stupid us, followed the direction he gave us and we ended up walking the whole perimeter of the Grand Palace under the hot sun!  Argh!!!  Do your homework well and don't ever trust all these people that you meet around the palace.
 After a very long walk, we finally reached our destination.
 Lovely!  Isn't it?
 Entering the premise....
 The admission to the Grand Palace is 400 baht, which certainly had increased over the years.
 It is good to read up a bit about the grand palace before your visit:

 It was very difficult to find a cab that would give us a reasonable pricing back to our hotel.  Most of them would quote at least 400 baht and above.  We tried our luck by asking the tuk-tuk driver how much he would charge for a trip back to our hotel.  He quoted 250 baht at first but I managed to bring it down to 150 baht.

However, he asked for 200 baht when we reached our hotel.  Not wanting to stir up an arguement, we just gave him the 200 baht.

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