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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bangkok Day 1 - MBK & Chinatown

For this trip, we took Jetstar airline. This was my 2nd time taking Jetstar.  No inflight meal photo for this blog post since we didn't order any food during the flight.  We took the earliest flight at 7.15am and arrived at Bangkok around 8.45pm (Bangkok's time, 1 hr behind Singapore's time).  We paid $761.90 altogether for 2 pax, which I think it is not exactly cheap.
I managed to take a snapshot of the exterior of Suvarnabhumi International Airport as I walked out of the plane.  It has a futuristic structure.
Interior of the airport... Love the lines and symmetries.
You can buy sim card from here if you need one.
Before we took the train to the city, we had some donut munchies at Dunkin Donut at the airport first.  We didn't eat anything during the flight, remember?

In the City-Line train
We had our lunch at MBK while we were still waiting for the hotel to get our room ready.  MBK food court is located on the sixth floor and the food there was really cheap.
We ordered their Oyster Omelette and Phad Thai from this stall here.
Their oyster omelette is different from our Singapore's style as you can see from thhe photo below.  It is very thin any cripsy type and below the omelette, you can find lots of beansprouts!
The phad thai cost only 40 baht and we could find many tiny dried shrimps in it.  They put aside the peanuts grates, sugar and chilli flakes for you to mix them up on your own.
Close-up of the shrimp
Hubby had mixed pig's organ soup
This is just 3-in-1 instant coffee.
After lunch, we went back to the hotel to check-in to our room.  We were both tired and the hotel room was so comfortable that we spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping.  (Problem with early flight).  We had a dinner date with my hubby's colleague.  We met her at around 6pm at our hotel.  The 3 of us walked around MBK before we went for dinner at Chinatown.

This satay kiosk is located at the food court as well.  Each pork satay cost only 10 baht.  I tried and the original flavour pork satay was good.

Thai pancakes at 10 baht each.  I tried the one without cream and it was nice.  Hubby got a bit more adventurous, tried the one with cream and the one that he took got ginger in it as well.  I took a small bite and I prefer mine, that was without the cream.

Look Choob!!!  Colourful "fruits" with green bean paste in it.

Dinner at Chinatown "Yaowarat"
T&K Seafood restaurant
From our hotel, we hailed a cab to take us to Chinatown.  The trip cost us 100baht.  At first, the cab driver didn't understand the word "Chinatown", so we need to tell him "Yaowarat".  He drove us to this roadside restaurant and we had our dinner here.  It is not easy to miss it as it is located at a junction and all the staff was wearing green shirts.
 Opposite the junction is another seafood restaurant.  You can see their competitors were all wearing red-shirts.  Both restaurants attracted quite a lot of crowd so we assume eating here should be quite ok.
The condiments were served almost immediately after we sat down.  We ordered quite a lot of food for just the 3 of us.  Not much wait time was required.  All the dishes were served to us in less than 10 minutes.  Amazing!
Steamed fish in Thai style
Seafood tom yum soup
Oyster omelette.  I didn't order the one with beansprouts below as I don't like to eat beansprouts.
Crab in "Tang Hoon"  
We found a thick layer of lard at the bottom which gave the dish a lot of favour.
Grilled Prawns
Thai Fish Cake
Some greens 

The whole meal cost 1600 baht (~ S$65).  
We took a tuk-tuk back to the hotel after dinner.


Eileen. 静 said...

looks fun! and i like that character from one piece too! u know..i never been to bangkok leh ;p

Miso said...

Currently hangten is selling T-shirts with designs of "One Piece", you may wanna take a look :) Will have a chance to go lah.. the world is so big! Haha..