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Monday, November 14, 2011

Dali - Mind of a Genius Exhibition (Intro)

Getting ready for Christmas?
Hubby at the counter purchasing the tickets.
The "lobsters" decor was replaced by the huge Titanic banner.
Interesting fun activity booklets for the kids... not too sure how to get one for myself?
Dali Exhibition occupied the whole of Level 3.
As I didn't want to rush through two exhibitions at a time, we only bought tickets for admission to Dali Exhibition.  There was a 20% discount for OCBC card holders.

Entrance to Dali Exhibition.
Photography was allowed, just need to off the flash :)

Some quotes from Dali for you to ponder...

Another melting clock greeted us right at the entrance to the Dali Exhibition.
With Dali's Signature

Interesting fact

I will blog about the rest of Dali's exhibition in 3 posts based on the 3 main themes.

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