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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ah Ma 79th Birthday Celebration at The Square @ Furama Riverfront Hotel

29 Oct (Sat):  We celebrated Ah Ma's birthday in advance.  Aunt Alicia suggested going to The Square at Furama Riverfront Hotel for buffet spread.  The restaurant is located at the 2nd level.  On the 3rd level, you can find the Indonesian Kintamani Restaurant.
Entrance of The "Square"
There is a wide varieties of food here and I would say it is really very value for money at $28 per pax after discount. (1 for 1 if you are paying by certain credit cards).  I guess they might have revamp their menu or change their chef recently as there were many bad reviews on this buffet in the past.  Now, I think this place is definitely worth a visit.  The buffet comes with free flow of juices/ tea and coffee.

At the Seafood/ Salad Section: 
Can D-I-Y salmon salad....

I didn't try the following, decided to save my stomach space for something better..
Fruit Section..
Slip lobsters.  I only ate 1 as it was difficult to get the flesh out. 
Very fresh prawns
Cooked food station:
Can get some ham, roasted pork from this station.
Many different types of cheese to try.
My cousins took a bit of each type of cheese to try with crackers.
Crab and fish maw soup but not much meat, can skip this.
Very thick slices of fresh salmon..
Some cooked items that I took.


Ah Ma's Birthday Cake prepared by the hotel.
Family photo :)

The grandchildren...
Me and Ah Ma
Complimentary Cake (Disclaimer:  Don't think you will also get such a big cake if you are here for celebration. As my auntie works in the hotel line, so probably it is easier for her to make this special request :)
The staff helped us to cut the cake nicely into 20 pieces.
Very rich chocolate cake.  Nice!
Service was really very good.  They still helped us to pack the leftover cake into this nice box.
Bought a little gift for Ah Ma.  When she opened her present, she jokingly said LV ah?  Haha... I didn't know my Ah Ma also know what LV is!  Don't play play...
The Square @ Furama Riverfront Hotel
405 Havelock Road,
Furama Riverfront Singapore


Eileen. 静 said...

ur granny looks young ! happy birthday to her! :D

FoodieFC said...

How much does it cost per pax? Noticed that there is lobster too.

Miso said...

Thanks Eileen! Will show her the blog post. :)

Miso said...

Cost ard $28 per pax only according to my aunt. She said got 1 for 1 discount. Yup, it is one of the better buffet that I had been to so far.