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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Super Nice Century Eggs from Yung Kee, Hong Kong

Hubby bought back a box of century eggs from Yung Kee, Hong Kong.  I was rather shocked when he told me that he bought a box of eggs back to Singapore.
Each box comes with 6 century eggs with pickled ginger.
Wow... The outer part of the eggs came in a very nice translucent colour and were very smooth.  The eggs paired very well with the pickled ginger.  They are definitely the best century eggs that I ever had!


Eileen. 静 said...

omg! i can smell it ! looks really really delicious!! i love century eggs :P

Miso said...

These are simply "divine"! Haha....

FoodieFC said...

Ur hubby so sweet! I am gg HK in dec. Hence am doing research! I spot this restaurant. They are very famous for their century eggs and Goose!

Now, I know I can pack this back! thanks!

Miso said...

He bought the roasted goose back too but not very nice when reheat. Maybe just enjoy it there. Yup, the century eggs can buy back.. nice! :D