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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our First Visit to the ArtScience Museum

Last Monday, 7 Nov (a public holiday), hubby and I went to the ArtScience Museum to catch the Dali Exhibition before it ends on 13 Nov (which is today!).  We took lots of photos around the museum and also in the exhibition area itself.  For this post, I will post some of the photos we took before we went into the musum and also after the exhibition. 

 Before we went into the museum, the sky was clear and cloudless which made photography a bit uninteresting.
 "Dance of Time II"
Dali's iconic reporesentations of melted clocks.
These liquiefying soft clocks represent fleeting time.  Time passing, fading beauty, vanishing youth and unavoidable mortality have been crystallized in his melted clocks.

 Cloudless sky at around 1pm.
 The following photo was taken almost at the same spot after we came out from the museum, around 2 hours later.  That day, the sky was filled with lovely clouds.  I saw many of my friends posting photos of clouds on facebook, instagram etc on the same day. 

Will blog about the Dali Exhibition in my next post!  Stay tuned!  :)

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bookjunkie said...

Like your pose with the melty clock :)