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Friday, October 25, 2013

Back at Skinny Pizza @ Wheelock Place

Met up with my friends to go to Openrice office to redeem our gifts.  I took part in their Hungry Games contest and for the month of September, I redeemed a coffee-bean card which is valued at $28.  Cheryl from Openrice also gave us some freebies such as the Smiley fan, tissue pack and pen from Openrice.
After that, we joined the rest at Skinny Pizza at Wheelock Place.  This was my second visit to Skinny Pizza and this time, I got to try out more items as there were 7 of us, so we ordered more dishes.
There was a "3 sides for $18" promotion and thus, we ordered different side dishes to share.  The sides were served in mess tins without handles.
Harissa Prawns won thumbs up from everybody.
Truffle Fries was cripsy and nice too but need to finish it fast before it turned greasy.
Sweet Potato Nibblets, which came in big chucks, were nice but very filling of course!
Brie Cheese (Right) was tasty too.

My friends also ordered another set of 3 sides of 1/4 sausage (Chicken, Beef and Pork).
I ordered the Mixed Berry Tark drink ($7) which tasted a bit like Ribena.

My friends had the Portobello Soup ($7) which was very thick with mushroom bits.  I find this better than the Sweet Corn with Crab Soup ($7) that I had.

One of our friends had the Squid Ink Pop ($15).  Basically, all the ingredients used were the same as squid ink pizza but you got to "burst" the ball and dropped the ingredients inside.
Of course, this is a must-order pizza at Skinny Pizza - Squid Ink Pizza! ($26)

Chicken Satay Pizza ($22) which was topped with thick satay sauce.  The slice of pizza that I took, happened to have only the satay sauce without much meat, thus, a bit unsatisfying for me.  Maybe the pizza would be better if they can be more generous with the chicken meat chunks?  
Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars... Looking up the dome structure at Wheelock Place from inside the building.....  Beautiful!
After dinner, we strolled along Orchard Road and chanced upon 2 "ghosts"!  Haha..... and even took a group photo with them.  But the "ghosts" looked rather friendly, don't you think so?  
The "Twins"
They were actually doing a publicity stunt for the Halloween event at Scape:

SCAPE Warehouse (Level 2)

18 – 31 Oct 2013

6pm – 11pm
6pm – 12mn (31 Oct 2013)

Ticket Prices:
Normal – $20
Students and Early Bird – $17

Where To Buy Tickets:
Tickets can be purchase at the venue and online.
For further information and to buy event tickets, visit Museum of Horrors website.


We also spotted a floating "ghost" above the flea market area at Scape, it looked really eerie at night.

I did attend a few Halloween events in the past for the fun of it.  You may read up my past Halloween events' experience here:  

Do you celebrate Halloween?  :P

Skinny Pizza Wheelock
601 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

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