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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge

Our first "Tai-Tai" Meet-up of the year!!! This place was suggested by Ruijun as she is the birthday girl of the month.  Rated "Gold Plate Award" by "Women's Weekly" as "All-Time Favourite:  Best For Girls Get Together", the tea lounge is indeed popular amongst "Tai-Tai" get together for an afternoon of scones and cakes.  We reached the place around 11.30am and it was pretty crowded with most of the tables occupied.  4 of us ordered the 3-course set meal.  Only Shili ordered ala-carte which seems to be a wrong choice.   
Birthday girl - Ruijun (Centre) with Shili and Joyce
Lijuan and Me :)
Shili's ala-carte main course.  Egg wrapped in smoked salmon.  Not too sure how many eggs were used to whipped up this dish?  Told her that she better not take any more egg this week.  Anyway, she didn't manage to finish up the eggs.  =P
Ruijun and Lijuan ordered this:
Joyce and I ordered this smoked salmon pasta:
We topped up $2 from our set meal so that we could try these delicious cakes from the counter.  If not, our dessert from our set meal will be just normal fruit cake.  One good thing about dining with 4 or 5 good friends is that we can all order different items from the menu and we can try a bit here and there =P  The Cheese Cake proved to be the winner as it was finished up first, followed by the Plum and Prune Cake (lower left).  Surprising, the Matcha Cake which I ordered disappointed us.  The green tea favour was not strong enough and it was too moist at the centre.  We didn't manage to finish this one.
Traditional Scones with butter, jam and cream
The rest like the scones but I prefered the cakes, so I only took one small piece.
This meal cost $162 for 5 of us.  Although it is rather on the steep side, but most importantly, we enjoyed the companies of one another :)  Looking forward to next month's gathering!

Takashimaya Department Store
391 Orchard Road, Level 2
Singapore 238873


Anonymous said...

Hi, there. The place looks nice and lovely. I plan to visit Singapore this July to celebrate my 25th birthday alone and i'm looking for the nice place with nice cake to 'celebrate' it. Do you think it suits for my occasion? Thx
-Dita, Bandung,Indonesia-

Miso said...

Oh well, you can give it a try! But you are going to this place on your own? Then you will not be able to try out the varieties of cakes.