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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Roti John King @ Simpang Bedok

The night before the start of work in the new year, hubby brought me to Bedok Market Place (commonly called Simpang Bedok) for dinner. Here, there is a whole stretch of Muslim stalls selling Western food, Prata, Roti John and many other yummylicious food. We normally patronize "The Spize Supper Club" and this time, we decided to order western fare from the other stall "Roti John King". However, we didn't order Roti John. The staff recommended us 2 dishes - Fish and Chip and also, their steak. Ok, we took these 2 dishes.  I loved my fish and chip!  The serving was generous and I almost couldn't finish the whole plate. 

While having our dinner, we watched "Spiderman 3" on their plasma TV which was showing on Channel 5 then. This place is definitely a good place for dinner or late night supper.

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