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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ootoya @ Orchard Central

This was our second visit to Orchard Central but our first time having our meal here. We left home rather early, ard 5 to avoid the long queue at any restaurant in Orchard area. I made the decision on where to eat today. Seen many good raving reviews on Ootoya and finally, today we had a chance to dine here. I decided to order the popular Atka Mackeral Fish Set $17.

Hubby ordered the Katsu Set $16.  Other than the brown sauce, it also came with wasabi dip.

After a very satisfying set meal, I was craving for the dessert and thus, our last order.

The matcha cake was really bitter but I still love it!

After meal, we shopped around Orchard Central and also, to next door 313 Shopping Mall which we had yet to explore since its opening.  Personally, I prefer Orchard Central as I find some of the shops quite interesting and also, I rather like the confusing architecture of the building and the super escalator.  313?  Just like a normal shopping mall to me.

Saw the following at Orchard Central.
This extremely tall shopper was too tall for me to capture her in one shot so we have 2 photos here........

and her heels are as tall as me!

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