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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Canadian Pizza 2-for-1

Going to have pizza again!!!  Now waiting for my pizzas to be delivered.... this time round, 2 pizza for 2 person.  Definitely enough!  =P

Smoked Salmon
At first glance, the smoked salmon pizza didn't look really appealing to me because of the very bright colour. It is as red as char siew!

BBQ Chicken Bonanza
This one had a very generous servings of chicken chunks and of course, with the BBQ sauce, it just couldn't go wrong.

These 2 regular 10 inched pizza cost $21.90 (1-for-1)

Which is your favourite pizza delivery outlet?  Pizza Hut/ Pelican/ Pizza de Frace/ Sarpino/ Ritz or....??  Do give your recommendaton here!  :)

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