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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saizeriya @ Liang Court

Today, I joined hubby's department for their "Family Day". We reached Liang Court at around 8.30am for MacDonald's Big breakfast after passing through $7.50 worth of ERP! :( After a very long breakfast, they had some gift exchange and then, we went for the Singapore river cruise at around 10.30am. A pity that today's weather was not good, it was raining and we could just sit inside the boat, unable to take good photos of the landscape while doing the boring cruise.

Hubby and I went to Audio House and a mattress boutique after the activity. For lunch, we decided to re-visit Saizeriya - a Japanese Italian family restaurant.  They served mainly pastas/ pizzas/ hamburgers and steaks.
Escargots (Must Try!)
I think these escargots were rather quite addictive, especially with the garlic.  Around $5 for 6 escargots, quite worth it :)
Mushroom Soup
Hamburger with Mushroom (My order) - $7.89
Seafood Gratin ~ $5
We also ordered a bottle of 500ml of red wine (~ $14)
In short, the food in this "budget restaurant" is quite value-for-money.  But if you are looking for authentic Jap/ Italian food, you may be disappointed.

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