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Friday, December 11, 2009

Pizza Treat for my band students

Together with the band instructor and assistant teacher-in-charge, we gave our band students a treat on the last night of the band camp (9 - 12 Dec 2009). We had wanted to give them a treat during June to celebrate the band's success in sustaining Silver Award in SYF. However, during June, CCA trainings were all cancelled due to H1N1 and we postponed the treat till now. I ordered 18 classic pizzas from my favourite delivery pizza joint - Pizza de France again. Organizing a treat for near 50 students was not easy... When the pizzas arrived, I realized that they were not quite enough for 50 hungry students. Haha... Each student got 2 slices of pizzas. However, I hope they understood that it is the thoughts that count =P Nevertheless, I think they still enjoyed themselves.

I ordered 4 different types of pizza as follow:

Hawaiian Classic - Chicken Ham and Pineapple

Fisherman Classic - Tuna, Onion and Mayo

Pepperoni Classic - Beef Pepperoni

As we have 1 vegetarian in the band, I didn't forget his share.  Ordered the Garden Classic - Tomato and Button Mushroom for him.  He shared it with 2 other students.  Initially, I thought nobody would want to share this "meatless" pizza with him and he might have the whole pizza on his own.  However, I was wrong! 2 of his section members shared this vegetarian pizza with him. 

Currently, they have a promotion.  For every $38 spent, they will give 1L of organic soya milk for free and for every $48, they will give 2 packs of 1L of soya milk.  If I am not wrong, they gave us 6 packs.

Overall, I think they quite enjoyed the meal although at night, we provided them with lots of cookies, milo and some of them still cooked cup noodles.  Haha...

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