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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

126 搵到食@ Geylang

My colleague drove us to Geylang for lunch on a Friday.  We had a staff workshop on that day and had a longer lunch break of around one and a half hour.  This gave us ample time to venture a bit further from Pasir Ris area.

At first, we thought that just because of their unit number 126, it is thus called 126.  Later, we realized that the three Chinese characters are pronounced as Wan Dou Sek (搵到食) in Cantonese, meaning "found a place to eat" which also sounds like "One Two Six" (126).  Interesting!

Anyway, the eatery looks really like those old school dim sum place in Hong Kong where tables are arranged very closely to one another.  This place also opens 24 hours daily!  Now you know where to go for supper.  :P
Our drink - Sugar Cane with Lemon, was served in a plastic container that we normally use for takeaway soup or noodles.
Deep-fried intestines.  The "skin" tasted like roasted chicken skin, quite crispy.
Chee Cheong Fun is a "must-try" dish here. It was served with a generous special thick sauce over the rice rolls, very different from the common ones that we normally have.
Pork Belly Bun
The chunky meat was wrapped in thin skin which was quite soaked with the sauce.
We ordered a few other dishes like Siew Mai, Crystal dumplings etc.  I quite like this place as it makes me feel as if I am in Hong Kong.  I would love to bring hubby here to try out other special dim sums that they have.  The only problem probably - Parking.

126 Eating House  (Wan Dou Sek)
126, Sims Avenue. (Between Geylang Lorong 15 & 17)
Tel: 67464757/67454869
Open 24 hours daily.