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Friday, June 12, 2015

Bare Your Sole 2015 @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa

Bare Your Sole is Habitat for Humanity Singapore’s annual barefoot fundraising and advocacy campaign where people of all ages and from all walks of lives come together to walk barefoot to raise awareness of the less fortunate among us. It offers Singaporeans and visitors alike a tangible taste of what it’s like to walk in the shoes, or lack thereof, of the poor communities that Habitat Singapore serves in Asia Pacific.

My first time joining "Bare Your Sole" charity event was last year, together with my friend, Pauline.  It was pretty fun and we also enjoyed the nice scenery of Marina Barrage area while walking without our shoes.  I decided to join the event again this year with a few of my colleagues and ex-colleagues as Pauline had work commitment on Saturday morning.

This year, we go "Green"!  
 [30 May 2015. Sat]
Flag-off for the 5km walk was at 8.30am so we met up at Vivocity MRT station control at 7.45am and took the Sentosa Express to Beach Station.

 I bought 5 stalks of flower at $2 each (for charity) and one of my colleagues bought the heart-shaped balloons for us.

 Near the starting point, we have this group of young percussionists to liven up the atmosphere.
 Shortly after the starting point, we saw a long queue of people queuing up to take photo with the Bernese Mountain Dog.
 The dog was really huge and I had not seen this breed of dog before!  Through a comment of an instagram friend, he said that this Bernese Mountain Dog is not suitable to be in Singapore as our weather is too hot.

Very easy to spot my feet...  The ones with painted toe nails.
 Relaxing walk on the sand...  Good weather...
 Shadow of my heart-shaped balloon and the trees on the beach.

Although I prefer the walk last year, I did spend a nice and meaningful morning with good friends.  Let's keep a lookout for "Bare Your Sole 2016"!  

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