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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kuriya Penthouse @ Orchard Central

A mini gathering with 3 of my friends to try out the Japanese food at Kuriya Penthouse.

  These are the only 2 restaurants on the 12th level, located amid the roof garden.
Entrance to the restaurant
You will be greeted by this huge display of awards that they have at the entrance of the restaurant to assure you of both the food quality and service.
Chef at work.

Neat table setting
The chopsticks that they use are very special, with both sides all pointed.  Out of curiosity, we asked one of the staff why they were designed in this manner.  The staff told us that one side could be used for eating and the other side, supposedly longer and more pointed, could be used for stirring.  They could also be used to pick up wet and dry seaweed.

The staff who was serving our table was attentive.  She opened up a small stool for each of us to put our bag.
I oredered Plum Wine on the Rock.  ($8)
See the huge ball of ice!

 I ordered the Shokado lunch set - "Tsubaki".  ($42)

Starter of the Day
 My bento which consisted:
1)  3 kinds of Appetizer, 
2)  3 types of Sashimi, 
3)  Omelette and Grilled Fish, and 
4)  Prawn and Vegetable Tempura.

 The primary reason why I ordered this set was because I love sushi.  This set comes with assorted sushi!  :)

 Chawanmushi and Miso Soup.
 Dessert of the Day - So pretty!
Hazel ordered the Shokado Bento Set, also $42.

Starter of the Day
2 types of Sashimi
 Her Shokado Bento set consisted of:
1)  Grilled Fish with Appertizer
2)  Tempura
3)  Salad 
4)  Rice
Sam and Pauline ordered the same type of lunch set - Shokado "Kaede"  ($37.80)
Their bento set consisted of:
1)  3 types of Sashimi
2)  Deep-fried Prawns coated with Almonds, Fried Chicken
3)  Omelette and Grilled Fish
4)  Braised Pork Belly
 In addition, they also had claypot rice and pickles which were included in the set.

 By coincidence, we got a Grey and Pink Combination here.
  An enjoyable lunch to kick-start the "holiday"!  We were satisfied with the quality of food served and also pleased with the good service provided by the staff.
Have a Great Week everyone!

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The food looks delicious! ^^ It's making me hungry.