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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Street 50 Restaurant and Bar @ Bay Hotel

Bay Hotel is situated at a convenient location just opposite Vivocity.  If you are looking for a decent meal around this area but dread the expected horrendous queues that you will get from almost every restaurants at Vivocity during peak hours, do consider checking out Bay Hotel's restaurant - 50 Street Restaurant and Bar.      
I was here for a food tasting session at "50 Street" together with 2 other food bloggers.  Street 50 is a newly-established global  flavours restaurant that brings you diverse flavours from Italian, French and American to Asian flavours from Vietnam, Indonesia and Singaporean with interesting twists.  As such, the array of dishes that they are offering in their menu is really extensive.    
The restaurant has an intimate, quiet and cosy setting, suitable for couples going on date.  
Soda Gembira - Syrup + Condensed Milk + Soda
Bread basket with olive oil
Caprese ($12)
Vineyard tomatoes were wrapped in parma ham and it was really a delight to my taste-bud with the sweet tomatoes and parma ham blending together in my mouth.  I don't really know how to appreciate the buffalo mozzarella though.
Smoked Duck and Citrus Fruit ($11)
Orange and Grapefruit with Orange Vincotto dressing is used for this dish, giving it a refreshing and natural sweet touch to this appetizer. 
Hazelnut Escargot
Half Dozen - $14
One Dozen - $22
These slow-baked burgundy snails were stuffed with hazelnut butter and flambed with brandy.  This was the first time I saw escargots being flambed to enhance the flavour.  Personally, I like escargots with loads of herbs and garlic butter.  The escargot that I tried at 50 Street didn't disappoint, it was baked just right without being too "rubbery".  I guess even without the flambe, the escargots would have tasted as good.  Of course, I don't mind the "gimmick", adding an extra aesthetic feast to the eyes.
We had hotpot during the tasting session too!  Don't you adore these 2 uniquely designed pots, which come in royal blue and royal yellow with dragon designs?
Price – Hot Pot Sets:
Set A (for 2 pax): S$ 32++
Set B (for 2 pax): S$ 48++
Set C (for 4 pax): S$ 108++
The hotpots come with a selection of 2 types of broth and can be served individually or to a group.
The presentation of the meat here can be improved  though.

Left:  Imperial Chicken broth made rich by simmering chicken for hours in a cauldron.
Right:  Siamese Luck, a Tom Yam broth if you need some kick!
I prefer the tom yam broth.  Also, there are also at least 10 different types of condiments such as sesame paste, coriander chilli, sa cha sauce  for you to dip your food with.

Duck Pot Pie ($22)
I love pastry crust and I don't mind eating the buttery crust on its own!
Cutting open the crust, you will find chunks of duck meat which was braised with wine sauce, which added on to another twist to the usual chicken pie.  Personally, I am not a fan of duck meat and thus, for me, I was happy to just eat the crust soaked in the gravy.
I think this dish is good for sharing.  To finish it on your own can be quite a challenge.  
Salmon Cutlet ($22)
Salmon was freshly grilled but not really an outstanding dish.
Roulade of Pork Loin with Wild Rice ($20)
It was interesting to see the pork loin in roll, wrapping the wild rice within.
Orient BBQ ($18)
Don't shun away from this pizza by just looking by the amount of mozzarella cheese that you see on the pizza.  The other ingredients used here were smoked duck, enoki mushroom (which I found a bit unusual to be served on pizza) and spring onions with a generous spread of hoisin sauce on a thin crust.  The hoisin sauce was a bit too overwhelming but it helped to cover the taste of the cheese, which is good if you don't like cheese.
Lamb Rendang ($24)
Again, strong evidence of a fusion dish.  Lamb shank was slow-braised with rendang paste and the meat was really tender.  Jasmine rice was served together as side.  I like the lamb rendang but I think it might be a bit too heavy if you eat it with the rice.   
Durian Pengat in Crepe ($8)
I was rather surprised that the durian pengat was being served this manner.  Normally, I would scoop the pengat in a small bowl when I had it at hotel buffet.  Of course, this one scored better in terms of presentation.
Apple Strudel with Coconut Ice-Cream  ($8)
As I had mentioned earlier, I love pastry crust, so this apple strudel was definitely one of my favourite desserts.  

I would like to thank Dennis from Craft Communications for this great food-tasting session.  

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar
Bay Hotel Singapore
50 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098828
Tel +65 6818 6681

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