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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Malacca Day 2 Part II: Nando's and the Ultimate Capitol Satay Celup!

After a morning walk at Jonker Street, we walked back to Mahkota Parade for lunch.  We went to the newly-opened Nando's. 

I ordered 1/4 chicken in HOT sauce!!
To be on the safe side, hubby ordered 1/4 chicken with Mild sauce.  He said can still add hot sauce from the bottle if he wanted.
Free wedges for tourists.  Haha....
After lunch, we went back to hotel to rest.  We didn't venture further because we wanted to try the very popular Capitol Satay Celup and we target to reach the place at 4.30pm.
We drove past this place at 4.30pm.  The shutters were closed and there was not a single soul around the restaurant.  We were not able to park along this road so hubby drove around to find a proper parking lot and also to get parking coupons.  We came back around 15 minutes later and guess what, the queue was already this long even the restaurant hadn't even opened!!!!  We joined the queue at around 4.45pm and around 5.15pm, the restaurant then opened its shutters.  So after queueing for around half and hour, did we get a chance to go in?  Nope!  :(
We missed the first seating ie when all the tables inside were occupied.  We continued to wait along the road side.  At around 6.30pm, we finally got a seat in the restaurant.  It was almost a 2-hr wait just because we were "late" by a mere 15 minutes or so!
The queue of hungry people outside, looking at those who were inside enjoying the Satay Celup.  Told hubby that hopefully we would not get either of the 2 tables outside, otherwise I will be very stress eating with so many people looking at me.
Each stick, no matter meat or veggie or prawns, all RM0.90 each.

 Our first serving...
Putting satay gravy with some secret ingredients into the pot

The difference between RM0.90 and RM7 prawns.
After our meal, the queue was still this long!  These people would have queued for around 2 hours!


AdrianT said...

Food looks good. Satay sauce spicy?

Miso said...

The satay sauce was yummy! Not spicy.