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Sunday, April 8, 2012

3D2N Good Friday Getaway to Malacca (Melaka) - Part I: Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restoran

We drove to Malacca at around 3pm on the day before Good Friday holiday.  We stayed at Mahkota Hotel this time as most other hotels were already fully booked on Good Friday night.  We walked to Jonker Street on the first night (Thursday) but it was rather quiet and at 7.30pm, most of the shops and makan places were already closed.

 I am not a fan of chicken rice balls.  Tried them before and I didn't like it.  As such, I ordered a plate of chicken rice for myself.  However, the plate of rice turned out to be a disappointment too as the rice was quite dry.  I think one plate of chicken rice is equivalent to around 5 chicken rice balls. 

I observed that many diners, especially the ladies, didn't finish up the chicken rice balls.  Thus, I have my doubt when some celebrities can claim that this is the place to find the best chicken rice balls. 

In future, I would like to try the chicken rice balls from this coffeeshop which always invite a long queue (opposite "San Shu Gong").  There must be a reason why so many people want to queue under the hot sun just to eat the chicken rice balls there.

You can read my last visit to Malacca in 2010 HERE
Hubby ordered 2 yam chicken rice balls to try too.  Not too sure whether it is the new addition to the menu, didn't remember seeing yam rice balls here before.
 More balls... Fishballs and Otak. 
We ordered the normal steamed chicken as there is no more kampung chicken.
 By the time we finished our dinner, it was around 8.30pm and the restaurant was already preparing to close for the day.


FoodieFC said...

hmmm this is infomative. I have read how good the chicken rice balls were. Looks like it might not be true

bookjunkie said...

would love to hear all the details of your Malacca trip and where you stayed. I haven't been there for ages :)

Miso said...

Coming up soon! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog posts. :)