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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hearty lunch at Thai Express after workout at Amore (Tampines One)

Met up with an ex-colleague to go workout at Amore.  We attended pilates and followed by bellyblitz together with another 2 friends.  Our instructor for bellyblitz was actually a male!  We were quite shocked as he also wore the hipscarf used for bellydancing.  He was actually quite good as he was very patient and would slow down the steps so that we could all catch up with his dance routines.  It was great to catch-up with my friend and we got so much things to talk about.  We had a long lunch (almost 3 over hours) at Thai Express.

Complimentary starter
 Beef salad for sharing ($8.90)
 I ordered the shrimp fried rice.  ($9.90)
 My favourite mango sticky (glutinous) rice!  Served warm.  ($6.50)
Didn't take photos of what my colleagues ate.  All of us were famished after the 2 hours session of workout.

Any blog readers here also signed up with Amore package?  Which are the classes that you all like to attend?

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