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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Changi City Point Mall - Ootoya, Eggs & Berries

Hubby and I visited Changi City Point Mall before Chinese New Year.  The mall is conveniently situated just opposite the Expo.  However, parking can be a problem if you are driving.  Of course, compared to the 3 shopping malls in Tampines that we frequent more, this one pales in comparison.  Although the mall has some outlets like Espirit, G2000, Crocs etc, the pull factor is still not strong enough to really attract us back.  Told hubby that the only reason that I will revisit this mall is "Ootoya". 

Coincidentally, my clique of friends were deciding on a venue for our gathering cum birthday celebration.  The Feb birthday gal decided "Ootoya".  Haha... So I was back at Changi City Point Mall for the second time last Saturday.

As I was early, I took a walk around the mall first before my friends arrived.
 Beautiful desserts.... Hope I can have all of them!!
We met up during the 14th day of the Lunar New Year and we could still see the CNY decoration in the mall.
Bird-cage theme
Interesting store name.  Will be good if the items inside are really "Payless".
The Feb bday gal ordered a healthy salad and soba.
Greedy me ordered a side dish - Potato croquette $4
 Before I confirmed my order, the staff reminded me that there was some minced meat in the croquette.
My main course (ala-carte) - Charcoal-grilled Chicken with Egg
 Shili ordered rice with clams, one of their signature dishes.
 Jan Bday gal's order of hamburger steak.

 After our meal at Ootoya, we went up to the top level to explore a bit.  There is a wet playground.

 Dessert Time!  We decided to settle at "Eggs & Berries" while waiting for our friend Joyce.
 Interesting egg-shaped light on every table.

 Lijuan's dessert
 Shili and I shared this waffle.  We topped it up with all the 3 types of syrup provided - chocolate, strawberry and maple.  After finishing almost half of the waffle, I realized that they had forgotten to sprinkle nuts on top of the waffle after I saw them on Joyce's waffle!  Hiaz...

Overall, the price here is quite reasonable and the other main courses seemed quite good also.


Eileen. 静 said...

I went to eggs and berries last wk :P food is reasonably priced and not bad.. by the brownie was a flop :P can eat lah..but it was stuck to the pan and when i kinda plopped to the bottom pan! hahaaha. so no pics for now.. too messy :P

Miso said...

Did you grease the pan first? Recommend you a website: All their recipes done with happycall pan :)