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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Potluck Dinner @ Ah Ma's place

We had a potluck dinner last night.  I contributed the Sakae Sushi Tray (Grande) and these are some of the varieties of food that we had, not including the desserts yet.
  I self-collected this tray of sushi from the White Sands branch.
Nice presentation!
I ordered the same sushi party set for the following afternoon's X'mas party at a friend's place.
We also had bee hoon which definitely went well with the curry. 
Home-cooked Red Hot Curry
 Mini Yam ring
 Fish head
 Sweet Prawns
 My parents bought roasted duck.
Some goodies from Taiwan and Japan that my aunts bought from their holidays there. :)

Another potluck and gathering later!  Yay!!  :):):)

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