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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Go! Go! Curry! @ Parco Marina Bay

Go! Go! Curry! opened at Parco Marina and currently, they are running a 30% discount for all items!  Too good a deal to be missed!  I was actually attracted by its gorilla mascot first.  It gave me quite a scare as it suddenly appeared in front of me when I was shopping around in the mall.
I decided to buy something from Go! Go! Curry! back for dinner with hubby.
Bought "The Grand Slam" so that I could try out the different varieties - the chicken, the pork, the shrimps and sausages.  Only $12.50 after discount.
The portion was just right for both of us.  The chicken was tender and so if you like your meat to have a firmer texture, choose the pork katsu.
For take-away, they separated the curry from the rice.  The curry was almost black and although it looked sort of... unappetizing, it tasted good and went well with the rice.

The next time I would order a set of pork katsu curry for my own! :)

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