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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mary's Corner Tau Kwa Pau & Adobo! Filipino Food @ East Coast Road

Read about a new French Stall "Saveur" that sell yummy and affordable foie gras at a coffeeshop in Katong area.  However, when we reached the coffeeshop, we were disappointed that the stall was not open as the owners have a wedding event to attend.  As such, I ordered the famous Tau Kwa Pau from Mary's Corner (which I had never tried before) and hubby tried roast pork rice from the Filipino stall in the same coffeeshop.  Fortunately, the food from both stalls did not disappoint us.
 What you see here the the fillings for the Tau Kwa which include 3 different types of fishcakes, cucumber, hard-boiled egg and deep-fried yam crumbs. 


 I tried a piece of roasted pork from hubby's plate.  The meat was tender with a crispy skin like german pork knuckles!  Yummy!  It cost only $4.50.

Ali Baba Eating House (Next to Aston's)
125 East Coast Road

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