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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spagetti Too @ IMM

Spagetti Too [Closed]

After the visit to Pixar Exhibition, hubby came and fetch me and we went to IMM for shopping and dinner. :)   Dinner at Spagetti Too was a pleasant one.  The food was quite good and value for money.  The staff who served us was very friendly and he always had a smile on his face.  Just wondering, how come the name of the restaurant is as such.  Spagetti with a missing "h" and why the "Too"?  By the way, this restaurant is halal-certified too.

My order:  Chicken Baked Rice
Hubby's order:  Lamb Shank
This is an open-concept restaurant
We also bought some tarts from Fancy Delight back home for snacks.  I love these tarts and hope that they will have more branches in the East.
They sell 16 different types of tarts.  We ordered chicken & mushroom, durian, green tea and cheese tarts.


Stargirl said...

how were the tarts? (:

Miso said...

Nice! Very good snacks!