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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dean's Cafe @ Toh Guan Road

Sister-in-law, Christine helped to organize a family dinnner at Toh Guan Road. She did some research on XINMSN before recommending us to this place.  This stall was shown on channel 8's show "Sizzling Wok" last year.  This place has 3 speciality dishes, namely:  1)  Crab Beehoon, 2)  Cripsy Duck and 3)  "Chai Por" Horfun.  We ordered all the above 3 recommended dish and other dishes such as a "Soon Hock" fish, Scallop in Yam, Vegetable "Nai Bai" and hotplate tofu.
Crab Beehoon
The beehon was good and according to the video, the beehoon was pre-fried first to give it a bit more flavour.  The crab meat was very firm but I would prefer it to be a bit softer.  There wasn't much orangy roe in this dish, a bit disappointing.  I still prefer the crab beehoon near my place at Pasir Ris - "Seafood Kitchen".
Horfun in "Chai Por" ($5)
I like this dish.  Very special and it was quite appetizing.  It tasted something like fried carrot cake + horfun :P
Crispy Duck
 Each yam ball with scallop cost $2.  It was served with mayonaise.  However, I think there is really nothing quite fantastic about this dish actually.
Dean's Cafe
Blk 267A Toh Guan Rd


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