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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Modern Peking Duck @ Ion Orchard

This stall is likely to capture the attention of many as they place a big roasted pig at their stall! Not too sure why the stall is named "Modern"... probably because they introduce a new trend of eating peking duck? Usually we can only have this when dining in at the Chinese restaurant but now we can have it as a takeaway snack. They pre-packed the rolls of Peking Duck in boxes and you just pay and take.... almost no wait time when I was there around 1pm.

5 rolls of Peking Duck cost $6.

The duck meat is tender. Of course, when you eat Peking Duck, the skin is very important. It should be crispy with some fats I suppose? I find that the skin of the peking duck here is too thin and not crispy enough. Although the sauce is good but I hope for a thicker and crisper duck skin. Another disappointment is that it is not served with spring onion or cucumber that is commonly put together in the crepe to give it a more refreshing taste.

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