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Thursday, September 10, 2015

World Food Fair 2015 @ Singapore Expo Hall 5 (10 - 13 Sep 2015)

I reached the EXPO at around 11am (I thought I was very early) but was surprised that there was already a huge crowd of mostly old uncles and aunties there. 
Decided to have a proper brunch first before snacking around.  Ordered the Penang Prawn Noodle from this booth.
 Penang Prawn Noodle at $3 per bowl.  Nothing fantastic.  The place was quite crowded already and I managed to share a table with 3 nice aunties.
 The colour kuehs from this booth attracted my attention.
 Decided to buy a packet of carrot cake/ yam cake (5 pieces at $2.50) to snack first.

 Kueh at $3 a pack or 4 packs for $10.
  I bought a box of Ginger Drink with extra honey at $5.  There are 10 sachets in a box so I am going to go on a detox for 10 days.  Haha...  Just kidding!
 This was one of the most popular booths as there were free food samples!  Fried fish fillets, popcorn fish, salmon tempura etc.
 I couldn't resist the temptation and bought 1 kg of salmon tempura ($10) and another 1 kg of popcorn fish (also $10).  They threw in a slab of fish fillet into my free cooler bag.
 You can get a free cooler bag for purchase of $20 and above.  I think it is very useful to me if I were to go to market or supermarket for grocery shopping.
 The 4 packets of kuehs and glutinous rice that I bought from Hougang Nonya Kueh's booth ended on our dining table as dinner.

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