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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Let's Take a Walk 2015

This was my first time embarking on such a long walking journey.  I had heard of this event many years ago but it always took place during the December holidays when I had planned for my overseas trips.  Finally this year, I managed to join my colleague and her two friends for this 50km endurance walk.  :)

All proceeds from the walk will be donated to HCA Hospice Care to support end-of-life care, and also to Raleigh Society to support its community projects.

Thanks hubby for driving us to the starting point at NUSSRC early in the morning.  We were to report at 7am and all of us staying in the East side.  We got to leave Pasir Ris area around 6am.  

Originally we signed up for the 50km night walk but later we changed it to day walk as my colleague had a family event the next day.

 Banner with all our group names on it.  Our group name is "Baby Step" and it was on part of the "K".
 The full banner with individual participants' names/ group names.

 We gathered at the hall for briefing and warming up exercise before the walk.
 Our first check point at Sunshine place after walking for 15km.
After stocking up some drinks from Giant here and had a small bun, we continued our walk to the Rail Mall.  

Taking a short break...
At the second check-point at Toastbox (25km).
We had walked continuously for almost 6 and a half hours!

We had a good lunch here at Teck Kee Chicken Rice (next to Toastbox) to replenish our energy.  I had Chicken Cutlet with Lemon Sauce.

 The next 10km walk was at the Rail corridor.

 At the third check-point and also our last one at 35km mark - Alexandra Food Centre.  My toes were already full of blisters and two of our teammates couldn't walk anymore so we decided not to continue walking.  Nevertheless, it was a great experience and it was considered an accomplishment for us.  This walk was really a test of perseverance and many times, mind over body.  At the 25km mark before reaching the Rail Mall, I was thinking of giving up.  Fortunately after lunch, I felt better and decided to continue walking.  It was no easy feat walking for such a long distance under the hot sun.  Kudos to those who had completed the 50km walk and also the 100km walk!  Hope we can be better prepared the next time round!  :)     

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