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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival Lanterns Light-Up at Chinatown 2015 - SG50 Edition

A total of 2,300 lanterns line the streets of Chinatown for the annual light-up. The centrepiece is a 12m-tall and 6m-wide Merlion lantern, facing Upper Cross Street, adorned by the national flower Vanda Miss Joakim and the Aranda Lee Kuan Yew. 
 We had dinner at Tiong Shian Porridge before the official lanterns light-up ceremony.

Deep-fried intestines.  We both prefer braised ones.
 Frog legs cooked with ginger and spring onions in claypot to go with our porridge.

 The emcee - Sebastian Tan
 There were lanterns of old iconic playgrounds of Singapore.

 Didn't manage to get any good shot of the fireworks as our view was quite bad.
We then went over to Mei Heong Yuen for some desserts.

Green Tea Show Ice.
 Walnut paste.

 Singapore icons/ mascots...
 We had Garden by the Bay in lantern form here as well.

The lanterns will be on display at Chinatown until 12 October 2015.

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