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Friday, May 1, 2015

Springleaf Prata Place - Poached Egg Prata

Labour Day holiday today!  We decided to drive over to Springleaf in the morning for the famous "Prata with Poached Egg & Indian Hollandaise Sauce"!
 The new outlet at East Coast is opened.
 At 8.30am, the restaurant was not too crowded and we managed to get a seat in the air-conditioned interior.
 Probably one of the most photogenic prata in instagram - Plaster Blaster ($5), very innovative idea.  The poached egg was very nicely done and I thought it went well with the crispy prata.  The hollandaise sauce was quite sour.  We didn't mix this with curry.

 Milky Prata - Prata with condensed milk.  It was huge!  Bigger than the tray (slightly bigger than an A4 sized paper).

Mutton Curry

At around 9am, as we walked out of the restaurant after our meal, we saw a long queue of people outside already.  Early bird catches the worm.  Do come earlier to avoid the queue.  
We went for a walk at Springleaf Nature Park after that to burn off some calories.

Springleaf Prata Place (formerly known as "The Prata Place")
Main Outlet:
No.1, Thong Soon Avenue

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