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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Kyushu Fair @ Tampines Mall (3 - 14 April 2015)

This year, I am glad that I didn't miss the Kyushu fair at Tampines Mall.  After making a visit to an elderly home at Tampines area, I took a bus to Tampines Interchange.  Before taking the MRT back home, I decided to drop by Tampines Mall to check out the food at Kyushu fair.  

Fortunately, at 5pm, it was not too crowded yet and in less than 10 minutes, I bought 3 packets of food.
 I love croquettes and since there was a promotion "Buy 5 and get 1 free", I grabbed 5 different types of croquettes - Pumpkin, Veggie, Potato, Sweet Corn and Crab Cream and also an Ebi Tempura.  All for $10.  I remember a few years ago, one such croquette cost at least $2.50 and those with additional ingredients like sweet corn, crab cream ones cost $3.50 during similar Japanese fair.
 These were to be shared with my hubby so I painstakingly cut each croquette neatly into half.  :)
 Decided to try out the unagi rice too.
 Delicious!  Probably will make another trip to the fair before it ends on Tuesday.

Spring Kyushu Fair
Tampines Mall

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