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Friday, August 2, 2013

LICK - Little Ice-Cream Kafe @ Tanjong Katong Road

Had a mini gathering with my secondary classmates at LICK which stands for Little Ice-Cream Kafe.  

 It was a small shop with a few different styles of furnitures.
 They have more than 30 varieties of home-made ice-cream.
 I spotted a "Kaya Toast" Ice-Cream but was not daring enough to try.  I just went for the safer choices such as Lychee and Mao Shan Wang!
 Lychee and Mao Shan Wang
We all love these two flavours, lychee was so refreshing and the sweetness was just right.  Mao Shan Wang was superb.  
 Coffee and Avocado 
These two scoops pales in comparison to the above.  To be fair, it was probably because I had the stronger flavoured Mao Shan Wang before eating the avocado ice-cream so I couldn't really taste the avocado flavour.
The waffle was very tasty!  Fluffy with a slight crisp.  Would love to come back here again to try out other flavours.... maybe kaya toast?  or lavendar?

Little Ice Cream Kafe (LICK)
258 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437046
Tel: 64408526
Sun - Thurs: 1pm - 11pm 
Fri - Sat: 1pm - 12am


Globetrotter said...

Hello Y-Lyn! I was checking out my blog stats and realized your blog is linked to mine. Very nice of you! :) Have we met before? :)

Great food blog you have here. All the food pictures are making me hungry! LOL! :D


Miso said...

Hi Grace,

Nice to hear from you. We have not met before, but I am an avid follower of your blog. :)

Thanks for dropping by! :D


Bern said...

love the kitschy name of this place. so naughty!