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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Au Chocolat @ Marina Bay Sands

This was my first time here at Au Chocolat.  Heard my friends raving about this place and finally, I got the chance to try out this place with them.  :)

 We were excited when we saw this promotion of the foie gras.
 The bistro...
We were seated at this section.  Most of the tables here were small.
The menu was quite extensive.
 Hubby helped my friend to buy a Loewe bag from Spain and I finally passed her this beloved bag during this meet-up.
I had the mango magic, a concoction of white chocolates and mango puree.
 Mango Magic and Banana Boost  ($12 per glass)
 2 of my friends ordered the Taiwanese Lychee Beer and both of them were very happy with the beer as they said it was really refreshing and nice.
 Au Chocolat Hot Fudge ($10)
 Sweet Potatos Fries
 Mushroom Bites
 Foie gras at $5 per plate.  Guess how many plates of foie gras did we order?
 2 of my friends had the California Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($20) and I saw thick slices of avocado in it.  
 My friends who had been here before, all claimed that the Beef Bourguignon ($26) was one of the best entrees here but I decided to try something different.
 This was my order - Handmade Pacific Crabcake!  ($32)
 Look at the huge chunks of crab meat inside!  It was also served with some salads at the side to balance up the meal.  I was happy with my order.
 We had wanted to order their waffles as there was a "50% off the 2nd waffles" promotion every Wednesday.  However, to our disappointment, the waffles were not served at Au Chocolat bistro!  We were told that the waffles were only served at Au Chocolat Confiserie which is located just next to the bistro.  Thus, we decided to only the Kalamansi Meringue Tart ($9) and a Brownie ($5) to share amongst us instead in order to enjoy the comfortable seats at the bistro.  The seats at the confiserie side are mostly high seats and we couldn't find a table big enough to accomodate 7 pax. 
 I love the tart but the crust was as hard as rock.  No joke!  Haha... Took me quite a lot of effort to break the crust!  But overall, the taste of the sweet egg whites (meringue) went well with the tangy and sourish kalamansi curd. 
Cookies and Cream Brownie ($5)
 Why my friend (on the extreme right) looked so sad?  Haha.... First, she was disappointed that the waffles could not be served at the bistro.  Secondly, the staff told us that the "OO" plush toy was out of stock and if she wanted another one for $10, she could take only the one on display.

However, after dinner, we walked over the Au Chocolat merchandise section, we saw lots of "OO" plush toys!  We were puzzled why the bistro and the other sections of Au Chocolat have to work independently even they are all under the same name. 
 This plush toy is sold at the merchandise section at $15 each. 
 Yu Fa
We also enquired about the membership application but it seemed that they had stopped the scheme for the time being.  I would still love go to Au Chocolat to try the other savouries and dessert!

Au Chocolat
Bay Level L1-03
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Bistro Tel: (65) 6688 7227
Confiserie Tel: (65) 6688 7557

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Bern said...

i've always thought this place was an exclusively dessert cafe, but the savouries look pretty amazing. and that's gotta be the cheapest foie gras ard!